• hellooo


    what's up guys?

    omg, can i tell it's so hot where i live, please? the heat, omg omg, ideal to go to the beach honestly..


    but at the moment, there's a cyclone approaching coasts of the island, so the weather is not so good. grey sky, big clouds, rain, and wind, and we're ready to go to sleep listening to the drops.


    so the outfit you see at the top is my outfit i bought in december.


    - the dress is a simple black dress, it's close to the body, and very tight. i bought it at Jennyfer. i bought it for 15,99€ (Reunion Island)

    - then for the cardigan i wear, if i can call it like that, i would say it's an african printed cardigan. i don't have the name of the shop, but it's a little shop, i bought at 9€. (Mauritius)

    - and for the shoes, those are my babies, my converse ALL STARS, i got them for the enormous prrice of 80€. i researched it for so long, and i couldn't found them anywhere, every shops i entered didn't have them, and finally the first shop i found i bought them because i did not want to search anywhere else.. LOL i was that crazy, i completely ruined myself tbt.







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  • demande moi

    c'est plus l'heure

    ma fierté

    plus haut

    bébé na bébé


    sors de ma tête

    baby gyal


    comme si de rien n'était

    faded love

    all the stars




    what's your favorite song at the moment ?

  • my outfit

    hi girls,


    guess who completely broke herself? it's ingridddddd..

    wednesday, i went shopping and bought 3outfits, i assume i am crazy af.


    but i really needed a changement. i need something new in my life. changing myself in a way that i can't really explain. because lately i've not been feeling myself. maybe you remember me talking about some experiences. that's my way, my manner of growing, of walking on, in life.


    so i bought this type of slight shirt with this long black and white printed pants. this type of printed one, was the type of pants i saw everywhere and i really found it so stylish for a simple and classic outfit to go to work, uni, shopping... 

    here is this kind of my pants:



    for the shirt, it's a really slight black one, with long flaring sleevesat the top. it's black matte:


    i got this pants for 15€ and the top for 9€ at Miss City, in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). i guess it's a local shop here if i'm not wrong.

    the shoes i got are from Yas Magasin, i got them for 15€. i really love them. these are another type of shoes, there are plums on them, it's classic but kind of chic, i think it's worth the price. i think this outfit i wear is really worth the price honestly, because i bought other outfits for more expansive prices..


    so i hope you liked this first haul, see you on the next haul, byyyyye xxxx


    what's the last thing(s) you bought?

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  • yaaaaaaay,


    ingrid is heeeeere! i hope you had a good week, especially a special Valentine's Day!


    can i say i spent the best valentine's day of my life?? lol, because yes, i was in a good company..


    what i did was going at supermarket and doing some shopping, i bought 3outfits and 2pair of shoes. but i drained my blue card to be honest, LOL

    i really went crazy on this day because i needed something. i did not want to feel really lonely/on myself alone.


    it was very cool, i also ate pancake, this day.. omg thinking of it make me hungry!! like right now..


    so yea, i want to do a haul of what i bought, but i need to do a first haul since december LOL excuse myself.. i think i need more fashion content on my blog honestly. and i don't always have inspiration tbt..


         // then i watched a film with my darling lol, it was a romantic film. we also were eating gross foods, lol, like chips, chocolates, drinking (teaS lol, not alcohol), and other bad stuff.. - really good when you plan to start sport again the next thursday LOL this is literally me.


    - also, my valentine is my girl, my friend, lol BYE.


    sorry again, idk how many times i'm going to excuse myself yea, but i really want you to enjoy my blog as much as i do, even if i don't always post as much as you guys would like to, but i know. i know. i need more inspiration. if you have any suggestions of content, you can send me messages, you are welcome.


    so i created content lately. i promise to post it. goin' to take some pictures, and new stuff that you're going to see on my blog soon.

    stay tuned for the news! see you later my ladies!


    byyye xx - ingrid is sending you a big HUG




    and you? how was your valentine's day? comment down below

  • hi guys!


    i told you i wanted to do a haul so, yea i would like to show you the palet i bougt in Mauritius in december.


         it's the nature glow eyeshadow palette.


    this is the right colours at the left, and mine are at the right :

    true morphe palette mine: my baby morphe palette


    i swear to God the fake one is very very good because of the pigmentation guys, i promise. i am really impressed with this palette since i bought it it's really worth the price (8euros, i guess), contrary to 23,00 $US for the true palette on their website (www.morphebrushes.com). it's similar, but some colors are not the same.


    so yea, i heard about it so many times while watching youtube videos, and now finally it's in my hands lol. or my kinda make up rangement


    so, ladies i hope you liked this review, this first review, first impression, or whatever the hell these youtubers beauty guru like to call it. see you in the next episode, byyyyyyyyye xxxxxxxxxx. comment if you liked it


    it's not even a partenariat.

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