i wish you the best in this new year, just let's put 2018 behind us and don't give a fuck about 2018 anymore.

    let's start 2019 with new ambitions, love, money, new friends, happiness, family, and all the best you deserve! xxx


    i hope You, your fam' and your friends are well and you feel safe with yourself too. ingrid is good too, thanks

    it's been few month since i started wearing less and less makeup ... so i wanted to share with you my makeup essentials and what i do everyday.


    my new makeup bag

    this is a cute bag that i found at S'Center and i bought it for 2,90€

    i found it really worth the price for the quality, also the color, and the size! i can't only put my makeup but many other things when i just need to go to a place for a few minutes ; i would bring it easily and everywhere!


     so what i would bring to do my makeup routine is just as simple as this:

    - my brown pencil for my eyebrows, shade dark from Adopt (4,95€)

    - a brush for my eyebrows to set them in place, from a set of 27 brushes from Wish

    - a mascara, Miss Manga Maybelline from Saga Cosmetics(9,50€)

    - brown doré pencil for my under eye area, the brand is erased sorry

    - a labello, Eau Thermale Avène i bought in Pharmacy (5,50€)

    - a brown HD lisptick, n°16 from Flormar (9,90€)


    so i think i'm gonna end this short episode here, i hope you enjoyed reading even if it's short. sorry for my lack of inspiration ... but i want to tell you all thank you for visiting my blog, for reading it, and i hope it gave you some inspiration too!



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  • hi ladies and gentlemen ! - bcause yeah this is not only for girls, but for boys, for your grandma, your uncle, your sister, or maybe secretly your crush does it ...


       oke, let's talk about this turmeric mask - curcuma mask for a few minutes .. who never heard of turmeric, are you a cooker? right! you knew it! the turmeric is special for your health and also your skin.


    the turmeric plant prevents and can make miracles.. do you want some miracles? just listen :

    - it's very good for digestion

    - it prevents from cancer (skin cancer, colorectal cancer)

    - it protects you from the Alzheimer disease

    - it helps you reduce inflammation

    - it contains C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 vitamins + potassium + calcium + magnesium + copper + zinc + mineral salt + manganese + iron

    - it's also really good for acne, that's why i use it honestly !


    okay, so there's a lot of different way of making this turmeric mask because you can readjust in your way !

       1) the first mask my sister told me about contains : milk, honey, turmeric and flour to thicken the pate

       2) the second one i've been doing since last friday is made with some: honey, sugar, lime, green tea with some natural aloe vera extract, olive oil and coconut oil

     3) you can do whatever the hell you want! (i think i will do a top healthy ingredients)


       for dosing, i try to dose with the same for each ingredients, for example i use one table spoon for each ingredients. or whatever you want to dose with.

    the pate must be liquid or for a better application it can be a harsh pate - just readjust it in your way. for the application, you can directly apply with your hand but avoiding the eyes area, or apply it with a make up brush gently on your face - hm well, yeah i did it and obviously my brush started loosing hairs like OMG (just make sure this isn't a Wish brush as me lol).


    then you can let it on your face for 15minutes, 30minutes, or an hour on your face.

    if you have sensible skin, i advise you to just let it 15minutes. then for oily to normal skin, you can let it for 15minutes to 1 hour.

    if you start to feel a damage to your skin after few minutes of application, remove it gently with clear water. for me, i feel like it itches a little bit my face, but i don't remove it because i know it's because of the scars of my acne.


    #OneWeekTurmericChallenge for my part, i started putting the turmeric mask on my face on June 22. i saw on the internet that after one week, your acne just go away and your face will be smoother, omg. so i challenged myself - yes, because i challenge my lazyness against my will. AND IT LAST 5 DAYS or less. I was like smh, it gives me more scars. too much scars that dad also noticed that i've got some "shit" on my face - relax, it was just humor ihihso i think i would recommand it to you guys because it did some miracles as i saw on the internet and it can work better for certain type of skin, depending of your skin sensibility tbh.


    so there you go, i hope you enjoyed this article as much as i enjoyed written it ! see you in the next episode ! byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye



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  • hey what's up?


    CHILZIYA Long lasting lip color, in Cherry RedCHILZIYA Long lasting lip color, in Cherry Red


    it's been few month since i've bought this mini tube of tattoo lisptick that everyone used to talk about..


    this korean product was absolutely a must when i heard about it, but i couldn't find it anywhere but on the internet. so one day i went shopping with my friend, and i completely found this random lipstick at 3euros. i didn't expect to find it tbt, but here it is, and i was very happy to buy it at first.

    once i've bought it, i tried it at the minute.. and let me talk about the finish look now.


    ... first, when you apply it, it's a sort of, idk if we can qualify it as a cream, but more as a pate. so the application is not that comfortable, even if the end of the tube looked easy to put in on the lips.

    when you applied it you have to make sure it doesn't go on your teeth.

    then you have to wait 'till it dryes, and remove the pate of your lips.


    so my first impression was not what i expected on my lips. tbt my lips was dry, the colour was not printed correctly on my lips. i don't recommand it but only if you want you can try it once. and tbh my lips are the type of dry lips, my lips dry easily. so make sure if you try it to hydrate your lips VERY VERY WELL



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  • helloooo girls!


    yes i said girls because this episode is a special make up episode LOL.

    lol, i tested a new make up tutorial on my sister for her birthday, and i wanted to share with you guys what i did on her.

    ok, let's not talk to much :



    (1) i applied the first color wich is this kind of clear brown on all over the lid for the base.



    (2) then, i put this pale and beautiful orange on the crease to lighten up this part and to open the crease to another color for the next.



    (3) i apply right after this punk red more on the border of the crease to give this color effect of happiness, because yea when it's your birthday you just want to look superficial for your 24, LOL - my sister would have kill me for saying this shit lmao.



    (4) next i use this brilliant dark brown to make her look a little bit intense because when you turn older you don't have to miss with the younger.



    (5) then you want to give this 3D effect on the center of your lid because it's your party, and just yourself, you're the center of the world at this moment - for 2-3 mins.



    (6) then just at the top of the center of your lid, above the last color you applied on the center of your lid, you want to apply this other bright champaign shade to light up a bit better and make your eyes pop pop pop pop pop!

    See you soon, byeeeeeee ! xoxoxo



    let me know if you tried this make up look on the comments !


  • hellooo


    what's up guys?

    omg, can i tell it's so hot where i live, please? the heat, omg omg, ideal to go to the beach honestly..


    but at the moment, there's a cyclone approaching coasts of the island, so the weather is not that good. grey sky, big clouds, rain, and wind, and we're ready to go to sleep listening to the drops.


    so the outfit you see at the top is my outfit i bought in december.


    - the dress is a simple black dress, it's close to the body, and very tight. i bought it at Jennyfer. i bought it for 15,99€ (Reunion Island)

    - then for the cardigan i wear, if i can call it like that, i would say it's an african printed cardigan. i don't have the name of the shop, but it's a little shop, i bought at 9€. (Mauritius)

    - and for the shoes, those are my babies, my converse ALL STARS, i got them for the enormous prrice of 80€. i researched it for so long, and i couldn't found them anywhere, every shops i entered didn't have them, and finally the first shop i found i bought them because i did not want to search anywhere else.. LOL i was that crazy, i completely ruined myself tbt.







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