• what's in my makeup bag, episode #25


         i wish you the best in this new year, just let's put 2018 behind us and don't give a fuck about 2018 anymore.

    let's start 2019 with new ambitions, love, money, new friends, happiness, family, and all the best you deserve! xxx


    i hope You, your fam' and your friends are well and you feel safe with yourself too. ingrid is good too, thanks

    it's been few month since i started wearing less and less makeup ... so i wanted to share with you my makeup essentials and what i do everyday.


    my new makeup bag

    this is a cute bag that i found at S'Center and i bought it for 2,90€

    i found it really worth the price for the quality, also the color, and the size! i can't only put my makeup but many other things when i just need to go to a place for a few minutes ; i would bring it easily and everywhere!


     so what i would bring to do my makeup routine is just as simple as this:

    - my brown pencil for my eyebrows, shade dark from Adopt (4,95€)

    - a brush for my eyebrows to set them in place, from a set of 27 brushes from Wish

    - a mascara, Miss Manga Maybelline from Saga Cosmetics(9,50€)

    - brown doré pencil for my under eye area, the brand is erased sorry

    - a labello, Eau Thermale Avène i bought in Pharmacy (5,50€)

    - a brown HD lisptick, n°16 from Flormar (9,90€)


    so i think i'm gonna end this short episode here, i hope you enjoyed reading even if it's short. sorry for my lack of inspiration ... but i want to tell you all thank you for visiting my blog, for reading it, and i hope it gave you some inspiration too!



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