• lips-tatto, episode #23

    hey what's up?


    CHILZIYA Long lasting lip color, in Cherry RedCHILZIYA Long lasting lip color, in Cherry Red


    it's been few month since i've bought this mini tube of tattoo lisptick that everyone used to talk about..


    this korean product was absolutely a must when i heard about it, but i couldn't find it anywhere but on the internet. so one day i went shopping with my friend, and i completely found this random lipstick at 3euros. i didn't expect to find it tbt, but here it is, and i was very happy to buy it at first.

    once i've bought it, i tried it at the minute.. and let me talk about the finish look now.


    ... first, when you apply it, it's a sort of, idk if we can qualify it as a cream, but more as a pate. so the application is not that comfortable, even if the end of the tube looked easy to put in on the lips.

    when you applied it you have to make sure it doesn't go on your teeth.

    then you have to wait 'till it dryes, and remove the pate of your lips.


    so my first impression was not what i expected on my lips. tbt my lips was dry, the colour was not printed correctly on my lips. i don't recommand it but only if you want you can try it once. and tbh my lips are the type of dry lips, my lips dry easily. so make sure if you try it to hydrate your lips VERY VERY WELL



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    Monday 2nd July 2018 at 11:42
    I think it's depending of the brand because I've saw some crash test ans it was very conclusive. Thanks for your article and sorry for the spelling errors 'cause I'm French.
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