• hi guys!


    i told you i wanted to do a haul so, yea i would like to show you the palet i bougt in Mauritius in december.


         it's the nature glow eyeshadow palette.


    this is the right colours at the left, and mine are at the right :

    true morphe palette mine: my baby morphe palette


    i swear to God the fake one is very very good because of the pigmentation guys, i promise. i am really impressed with this palette since i bought it it's really worth the price (8euros, i guess), contrary to 23,00 $US for the true palette on their website (www.morphebrushes.com). it's similar, but some colors are not the same.


    so yea, i heard about it so many times while watching youtube videos, and now finally it's in my hands lol. or my kinda make up rangement


    so, ladies i hope you liked this review, this first review, first impression, or whatever the hell these youtubers beauty guru like to call it. see you in the next episode, byyyyyyyyye xxxxxxxxxx. comment if you liked it


    it's not even a partenariat.

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  • heyyy!


    today i'm coming with and other tips for those gurls who has clear eyebrows as me!

    you know the struggle when you look an other girl not wearing any make up but still have brows when you don't ...

    so maybe some of you know, or don't but it can exists some keys for that...


    ° castor oil,

    is known as a really great oil for making your hairs grow faster.

    this my friend, you can apply it on you lashes, on your eyebrows, on your hair, on your mustache lol, anywhere, any parts of your body that you want to make it grow.


    ° coconut oil,

    as well is good for your eyebrows it's good for blood.



    apply any of these oil on your eyebrows during 2weeks to 1month and the result will surprise you, believe me!



    i've tried these two tips for maybe 1/2 weeks and i really felt the difference, on my lashes and my brows. it works amazingly, and it's way better to use natural product, than chimic products you buy at an expansive price.

    you can find these oils btw at supermarket, make up store or pharmacy. the price is not much than maybe 5euros.

    when you apply : apply it in circular motion, and every night before bed.


    so that's it for the article, i hope it helps you!

    sorry if it's not that long!


    see you in my next episodes! thans for reading, byyyye x.

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  • helloooooo!


    hi everyone! today let me talk about nails!


    to introduce things properly, let me tell you a story about nails.

    so i remember how before i used to eat my nails whenever i was hungry loooool. don't laugh please, it's a fckin true story. alright. so i used to eat them when i was young, and my mum was always yelling at me 'bout that. so one day, a friend was telling me that she knew someone in her family who was operated, because the stomach did not support that this person in question, ate too much nails // I ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW IF IT'S TRUE LOL BUT YEA MY FRIEND I CAN TELL YOU IT WORKED THANKS // so this person apparently had big trouble, and was operated. that started to freak me the fck out guys! i was starting to reflect about that + hearing my mom : 'don't put your hands in your mouth because your hands are dirty', i'm pretty sure you all have heard those words, lol. then i started to avoid eat'em and was really forcing me.

    then happened another episode in my life where : i started wearing braces, which completely made me stop! like i tried again eating my nails and because of my braces, it was hurting me, and it became hard to crunch them. so during my braces experience, i started not thinking about eating my nails, then i completely stopped. THE END


    so for now, i've grown and it's better! so obviously, i started decorate my nails and all that stuff. i really liked to put nail polish, but idk why, but my nails started to separate, like you know when you pull off the nail polish, so my nails was kinda splitting and damaging ... but idk if it's because of the agressive solvent, maybe


    and then, just to say, today, i don't want to put anything on my nails at all. it's a choice that i made a not so long time ago, because i want to keep my nails natural. so today, i come to you, to talk about the nail buffer!


    yay, i'm so excited to talk about this because i really love to polish my nails now : it's so natural, and shiny, and it last better than a transparent nail polish! guys, i started polishing my nails since 2weeks now i guess, and i absolutely don't regret this decision, now there's this pretty natural glow on my nails, and all the area is soft af. GUYS


    i think, doing it really don't agress my nails at all, instead of using a nail polish + removing it

    so why not try guys? so the glow of your nail will last like maybe 1week, and when the glow starts to fade, you just have to take your buffer and polish it! it's super natural and very useful!

    but let me tell you that doing it for the first time may take maybe 10 to 15minutes maybe, but once it's done, IT'S DONE and one week after, you just have to polish for like 2minutes no more


    as you can see on the picture, my buffer is damaged lol, but i got it like 3years ago i think, and it's like today in 2017, that i seriously started using it, LOL (what's wrong with me??).


    so yea, i hope you enjoyed this article, i hope it helped you, if you are into nails!


    so have a good day,

    see you on the pretty next episode, xx

  • hi guys/girls !


    guess who tried a true mask for the first time ???? ingrid.


    i've bougt it yesterday, and i thougt 'why not try this mask to clear my skin?', because believe me, i don't like my skin yet, i don't have a lot of breakouts but i feel like my skin is kinda dry/but oily/and also ugly ...


    so here is a Ysiance french mask i guess, it's a moisturizing one, to nourrish skin.


    my first impression, hm let's be honest, when i bought it, it was writting 'pill off mask' i was like woaw let's really try it, it's not that expansive guys. so i bought it because it was a TRUE mask and finally it was not a pill off mask, lol. well, my really first impression about the packaging, i felt like it was really small but i thougt really ideal to manage on the face on a sunday. inside, it's a creamy texture really creamy, it's because it hydrates your face of course not ingrid.


    then to remove it, it says remove it with a cotton pad, so i did it, but i could not let my face creamy, so i washed it after it .. idk if i was supposed to, but it was better.


    now my skin feels smooth, soft, and i don't want to touch it anymore lol. like really. i don't want to put anything else on my skin. so i like the result, it's really a moisturizing mask, not that special mask i think.


    that's it guys, that's the end,

    i hope you enjoyed reading it! see you on the next episode! stay tuned!

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  • hi!


    today let's not talk like a beauty guru youtuber. i hope you're well btw.


    so i'm here to talk about the diy mask i've created. this mask is 100% natural, and i've created it of course because i simply don't want to buy this shit we see everywhere that i'm sure you've probably heard about: THE pill of mask.


    so, i'm not gonna talk anymore, let me explain what this mask is made for: i've searched not so long ago, how to avoid cakey face, breakouts, blackheads, .. and believe me under my make-up this shit is so beautiful, omg i'm crying .. so for now, thanks to my temporarly imagination, i've created a mask which nourrish your skin and let your skin totally hydrated, it also prevent from blackhead and all those shitty stuff (wich smile when you look at them coming from so far).


    (omg, so sorry to talk that much) ingredients:

    - you need in a bowl 4 tablespoon of chocolate powder ;

    - 2 tablespoon of honey ;

    - 1,5 little spoon of sugar ;

    - then go in your garden and take some aloe vera, then extract it (not too many, but not a little bit of this) and put it in the bowl

    - some argan oil + coconut oil (you can put more, or less ps: but i've heard green tea oil is such a good oil.)



    then you're done! once you've mixed all of these, the result must be like a chocolate yogurt maybe, idk, tbt i just put any quantities in hazard, lol. idk what your result will be. then when it's homogeneous, take a gentle makeup brush or whatever (your fingers must be great to massage yourself), and apply it on every area, except the under eyes, and inside your nose obviously. then wait for 30 minutes maybe, when you think it's time tbh, and go wash your face. then hydrate your face. this my friend IS A MUST DO after this lovely and tasty mask. your face will feel so soft, and hydrated, and cute, BUT before going out and exhibited your pretty face without any make up on, make sure to hydrate it please!


    ps: you can do it twice a week!




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