• yellow face + severe breakouts, episode #24

    hi ladies and gentlemen ! - bcause yeah this is not only for girls, but for boys, for your grandma, your uncle, your sister, or maybe secretly your crush does it ...


       oke, let's talk about this turmeric mask - curcuma mask for a few minutes .. who never heard of turmeric, are you a cooker? right! you knew it! the turmeric is special for your health and also your skin.


    the turmeric plant prevents and can make miracles.. do you want some miracles? just listen :

    - it's very good for digestion

    - it prevents from cancer (skin cancer, colorectal cancer)

    - it protects you from the Alzheimer disease

    - it helps you reduce inflammation

    - it contains C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 vitamins + potassium + calcium + magnesium + copper + zinc + mineral salt + manganese + iron

    - it's also really good for acne, that's why i use it honestly !


    okay, so there's a lot of different way of making this turmeric mask because you can readjust in your way !

       1) the first mask my sister told me about contains : milk, honey, turmeric and flour to thicken the pate

       2) the second one i've been doing since last friday is made with some: honey, sugar, lime, green tea with some natural aloe vera extract, olive oil and coconut oil

     3) you can do whatever the hell you want! (i think i will do a top healthy ingredients)


       for dosing, i try to dose with the same for each ingredients, for example i use one table spoon for each ingredients. or whatever you want to dose with.

    the pate must be liquid or for a better application it can be a harsh pate - just readjust it in your way. for the application, you can directly apply with your hand but avoiding the eyes area, or apply it with a make up brush gently on your face - hm well, yeah i did it and obviously my brush started loosing hairs like OMG (just make sure this isn't a Wish brush as me lol).


    then you can let it on your face for 15minutes, 30minutes, or an hour on your face.

    if you have sensible skin, i advise you to just let it 15minutes. then for oily to normal skin, you can let it for 15minutes to 1 hour.

    if you start to feel a damage to your skin after few minutes of application, remove it gently with clear water. for me, i feel like it itches a little bit my face, but i don't remove it because i know it's because of the scars of my acne.


    #OneWeekTurmericChallenge for my part, i started putting the turmeric mask on my face on June 22. i saw on the internet that after one week, your acne just go away and your face will be smoother, omg. so i challenged myself - yes, because i challenge my lazyness against my will. AND IT LAST 5 DAYS or less. I was like smh, it gives me more scars. too much scars that dad also noticed that i've got some "shit" on my face - relax, it was just humor ihihso i think i would recommand it to you guys because it did some miracles as i saw on the internet and it can work better for certain type of skin, depending of your skin sensibility tbh.


    so there you go, i hope you enjoyed this article as much as i enjoyed written it ! see you in the next episode ! byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye



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