• hi beautiful ladieees,


    how are you all?

    i hope you're all doing well. to-day, let ingrid talk about one of the biggest subject every girls should know...

    doing effortless booty exercises!!! ok, ok i know, some of you may reflect on what's the interest of doing exercices if we want a booty, but also without any effort???! it may sounds weird, but believe me i heard about it, and it kind of change your life when you realise it! 

    -ok, my friend told me and she has a beautiful butt.


    btw, the exercises i want to talk are just S I M P L E .. you know when you're scrolling instagram baddies, with make up, with big butt, big lolo, and all those *⋆. dream stuff .⋆*... and you start thinking yourself, but still want to be natural..

    so the thing is when you walk and go shopping, for example, contracting your booty when you walk, can work and make the muscles of this part reacting with the part of your thigh. also when you walk in the stairs, contracting this part also can work!!!


    so i hope this little episode, can help you, and "when you wish, you can" !






    repost on the 16/02/2018

  • heyyy!


    today i'm coming with and other tips for those gurls who has clear eyebrows as me!

    you know the struggle when you look an other girl not wearing any make up but still have brows when you don't ...

    so maybe some of you know, or don't but it can exists some keys for that...


    ° castor oil,

    is known as a really great oil for making your hairs grow faster.

    this my friend, you can apply it on you lashes, on your eyebrows, on your hair, on your mustache lol, anywhere, any parts of your body that you want to make it grow.


    ° coconut oil,

    as well is good for your eyebrows it's good for blood.



    apply any of these oil on your eyebrows during 2weeks to 1month and the result will surprise you, believe me!



    i've tried these two tips for maybe 1/2 weeks and i really felt the difference, on my lashes and my brows. it works amazingly, and it's way better to use natural product, than chimic products you buy at an expansive price.

    you can find these oils btw at supermarket, make up store or pharmacy. the price is not much than maybe 5euros.

    when you apply : apply it in circular motion, and every night before bed.


    so that's it for the article, i hope it helps you!

    sorry if it's not that long!


    see you in my next episodes! thans for reading, byyyye x.

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  •  Hiiiiiiiiii,




    i hope everyone of you are well and did start the new year on a "good foot" !(shoutout to the french expression)


    ° you think everyone's taking resolutions every new year? lol the truth is INGRID PERSONALLY don't really take new resolutions every new year, it' just a lack of time maybe, like idk.. life is made for you to live everyday and always have the time to ask yourself everyday to change the settings of your life as soon as you can for your mental and health. that's what i think of those shitty resolutions!!! lol (don't take me serusiously please, you would be gentle)


    B T W - what i did not tell you is that i went to Mauritius from 1 to 13january !

    the weather was not that good during the first week, it was raining too much MEN - you now da song, lol


    ° an experience failed: during my trip, i was visiting so much shop, so yea, i did shopping.. one time (in a shop), a young woman came to me and told me that she wanted to take pictures of me for her project, i guess she was a student. but what really surprised me is this day, i almost went free make up, but just did my eyebrows and put some cream on my face ++ that no one have already proposed that to me. so she gave me her contact card, and some informations on what she does. but after reflection, i could not go to the photoshoot because it was too far from where me and my family lived. so had to decline the photoshoot, wich was very sad for me, because it could have been a beautiful experience!


    ° and my health update is that.. lately i've been feeling kinda bad. i can't tell more, but i hope ev-ryone are happy ! (idk if i feel kinda in depression btw)



    yesterday - i'd like to tell you about a honey and sugar mask i did recently at home to exfoliate my skin! i added some lemon and argan oil in the recipe, and applied it on my face. than i've waited for 5 to 7minutes, then i removed it with clear water! guys, i've never seen my skin that smooth and clear! it's very good for pores!


    then today, i did take an aloe vera plant that i've cut and put it all around my face and marks of pimples and waited for those 5 to 7minutes, then i removed it from my face ; now my skin feel free but if you need, you have to put some cream to hydrate your face.



    ° i almost forgot to tell you that i think i'm going to do a haul of what i've bought in Mauritius ! i really really really want to share with you guys what i've bought ... (i know the list of episode i promised you is a bit too long.. i hope i can find the motivation of doing it)


    that was all for you guys, i hope you've appreciated it! see you soon!

    wish you the best for this year, and don't forget to write any comments in the comments section to share your thoughts, your life or anything you want ..

    see you in the next episode, byyyyye ! x0x0


    (edit: my birthday was on the 21st of december and it was nothing much. i turned 18.)

  • hi pretties and gentlemen!


    i hope you're all well!

    i hope this year was a good one and you will get to got a new one as the same, next year.. or maybe your year was full of shit and you want a new year because you can't support this anymore...

    i wish you merry christmas and happy new year, stay safe and let God take care of yourself!


  • hi pretty women,


    how many time haven't been here?

    sorry for not being here for so long. i don't come to you like that but actually i feel like i really need to talk. i'm feeling happy but in an other way stressed.

    i promise i did not forget what i promised you about the other articles i wanted to make for you guys.


    [so here a little message to show you how i feel at the moment (even if the majority of you is not going to understand how i feel).]


    i hope you're going to have a happy month of december, you're all going well, your family as well.


    i don't regret to have this blog in any any way, i will come as often as i can, but honestly i have something in me ...


    so i stay healthy girls, and don't forget to be yourself and be confident and tolerant with yourself. i'll see you an other day, bye xOxO