• sport motivation, episode #14

    hi beautiful ladieees,


    how are you all?

    i hope you're all doing well. to-day, let ingrid talk about one of the biggest subject every girls should know...

    doing effortless booty exercises!!! ok, ok i know, some of you may reflect on what's the interest of doing exercices if we want a booty, but also without any effort???! it may sounds weird, but believe me i heard about it, and it kind of change your life when you realise it! 

    -ok, my friend told me and she has a beautiful butt.


    btw, the exercises i want to talk are just S I M P L E .. you know when you're scrolling instagram baddies, with make up, with big butt, big lolo, and all those *⋆. dream stuff .⋆*... and you start thinking yourself, but still want to be natural..

    so the thing is when you walk and go shopping, for example, contracting your booty when you walk, can work and make the muscles of this part reacting with the part of your thigh. also when you walk in the stairs, contracting this part also can work!!!


    so i hope this little episode, can help you, and "when you wish, you can" !






    repost on the 16/02/2018

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