• demande moi

    c'est plus l'heure

    ma fierté

    plus haut

    bébé na bébé


    sors de ma tête

    baby gyal


    comme si de rien n'était

    faded love

    all the stars




    what's your favorite song at the moment ?

  • yaaaaaaay,


    ingrid is heeeeere! i hope you had a good week, especially a special Valentine's Day!


    can i say i spent the best valentine's day of my life?? lol, because yes, i was in a good company..


    what i did was going at supermarket and doing some shopping, i bought 3outfits and 2pair of shoes. but i drained my blue card to be honest, LOL

    i really went crazy on this day because i needed something. i did not want to feel really lonely/on myself alone.


    it was very cool, i also ate pancake, this day.. omg thinking of it make me hungry!! like right now..


    so yea, i want to do a haul of what i bought, but i need to do a first haul since december LOL excuse myself.. i think i need more fashion content on my blog honestly. and i don't always have inspiration tbt..


         // then i watched a film with my darling lol, it was a romantic film. we also were eating gross foods, lol, like chips, chocolates, drinking (teaS lol, not alcohol), and other bad stuff.. - really good when you plan to start sport again the next thursday LOL this is literally me.


    - also, my valentine is my girl, my friend, lol BYE.


    sorry again, idk how many times i'm going to excuse myself yea, but i really want you to enjoy my blog as much as i do, even if i don't always post as much as you guys would like to, but i know. i know. i need more inspiration. if you have any suggestions of content, you can send me messages, you are welcome.


    so i created content lately. i promise to post it. goin' to take some pictures, and new stuff that you're going to see on my blog soon.

    stay tuned for the news! see you later my ladies!


    byyye xx - ingrid is sending you a big HUG




    and you? how was your valentine's day? comment down below

  • hi guys,


    today, i want to talk about pardon.

    maybe some of you have ever asked themself why are we here on this earth? what's the source of life? why did it happen to me and not anyone else? why are there successions of bad things? 


    FIRST i think everyone has his proper belief.


    so maybe you've ever lived a situation where you made too much mistakes, or many bad things happened to you lately, and you don't understand why?

    but everything has a depart and an end. for example, a tree starts with a seed, and it grows to finish with a beautiful tree with leaf. it starts from the bottom and goes to the sky. when you start learning a lesson of mathematics at school, you start from knowing nothing to everything -big shoutout to ingrids goldfish brain's .


    so yea, i hope i can get to the point where everyone does mistakes, it's a part of human. everyone make good deeds too. so regarding the fact that for example you did something good, you can look at yourself and telling, "oh i helped this old woman" and you're genuine, because it's a good act. but you can't only stay in this mood. acting good is a part, but you can also reflect of what is the impact of your help on you, other people, and what if other people take good example from you, what will happen later, is any energy which will make my day staying positive? obviously, you can ask yourself some other questions, because it may impact something in what you're going through.


    but what if you "lost your mum's wedding ring"? when things must have been good these few days, and you lost something precious? you feel guilty, you regret, you've told yourself not to do that, you didn't think it would happen, you think of the hereafter (your mum will kill you), ... but after all these emotions, you acted good before and then why will it happen something like that? it's because you acted too good? or you missed something really small and important to maintain the good? but what actually if you did good, and now you did something wrong, what if this happened for a reason? life is not only a straight line, sometimes it can take a different way and the line is not a line anymore. actually humans are made for doing good and bad deeds, no?


    what a life if you only walk on, and nothing can stop you? you can't continue your life without doing wrong things, but also look at your life as an experimentation. when you fall down at a situation, it makes you walks on and help you surrounding yourself, with difficulties. but pain is temporary. remember pain, is just temporary. even when you're young, and you look at what you did, how messy is your life right now, and think of what is actually your true mission (to walk on). you have to accept that you did good, but you also did something wrong, you have to accept that not everything must be good. when you're in a good situation with no problem, you can't only expect good, but something is going to happen wathever it is, and this will be an other test. you have to accept that wether you expected that this was gonna turn this way, it can turn in the other way, and this is a challenge to yourself.


    once you accepted this test, you don't have to mess something else. the best has to be accepted, even if it's wrong, even if it has to be good maybe later. you can only look at what's good. so you have to accept that you did something wrong. you have to be conscient.

    that pardon have to be something to you, to your life. it may be hard, but don't let yourself fall under the sea. DON'T let yourself get carried away. it will not arrange anything. you have to be strong, show yourself that you're strong, you're not here for nothing, you're here as an human to challenge yourself and to grow. you are cntinually building yourself, your caracter, your person.

    pardon is the key.




    so yea, i hope this helped you.

    i really needed to write this, because it's important for everyone to understand our mission as an human being. it's something to understand that you're all important in this life no matter what errors you commite. it's important that you ask pardon for yourself, and if you believe in something higher than us, that you also ask pardon to God.

    you can comment on some experiences, or what is your vision, maybe you got a different vision? or you did not understand something, don't be shy lol

    xxxxx, bye




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  • hi, as you guys may know, i really love music...


    like it's a second part of my life!

    i like singing, and i've played violin, because yea, i was born in a family where everyone played music! from my brother to my dad.


    so i'd like to share with you what music i used to listen during these holidays, to feel better, to enjoy myself and dancing ... believe me, you don't want to discover that ingrid's hidden part, LOL


    + music is really good to fight against stress, loneliness, help reducing pain, stimulates cells of the brain, grows your physical performance, promote profund sleep, increase optimism, help against cancer, helps to socialize +


    high end

    pills and automobiles



    derniere fois

    god bless




    halal love

    ils pensent


    julio et sa gogo danseuse

    marie jeanne




    and you, what's your favorite songs? xxxxxxx.




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  • hi beautiful ladieees,


    how are you all?

    i hope you're all doing well. to-day, let ingrid talk about one of the biggest subject every girls should know...

    doing effortless booty exercises!!! ok, ok i know, some of you may reflect on what's the interest of doing exercices if we want a booty, but also without any effort???! it may sounds weird, but believe me i heard about it, and it kind of change your life when you realise it! 

    -ok, my friend told me and she has a beautiful butt.


    btw, the exercises i want to talk are just S I M P L E .. you know when you're scrolling instagram baddies, with make up, with big butt, big lolo, and all those *⋆. dream stuff .⋆*... and you start thinking yourself, but still want to be natural..

    so the thing is when you walk and go shopping, for example, contracting your booty when you walk, can work and make the muscles of this part reacting with the part of your thigh. also when you walk in the stairs, contracting this part also can work!!!


    so i hope this little episode, can help you, and "when you wish, you can" !






    repost on the 16/02/2018

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