• clear eyebrows, episode #13



    today i'm coming with and other tips for those gurls who has clear eyebrows as me!

    you know the struggle when you look an other girl not wearing any make up but still have brows when you don't ...

    so maybe some of you know, or don't but it can exists some keys for that...


    ° castor oil,

    is known as a really great oil for making your hairs grow faster.

    this my friend, you can apply it on you lashes, on your eyebrows, on your hair, on your mustache lol, anywhere, any parts of your body that you want to make it grow.


    ° coconut oil,

    as well is good for your eyebrows it's good for blood.



    apply any of these oil on your eyebrows during 2weeks to 1month and the result will surprise you, believe me!



    i've tried these two tips for maybe 1/2 weeks and i really felt the difference, on my lashes and my brows. it works amazingly, and it's way better to use natural product, than chimic products you buy at an expansive price.

    you can find these oils btw at supermarket, make up store or pharmacy. the price is not much than maybe 5euros.

    when you apply : apply it in circular motion, and every night before bed.


    so that's it for the article, i hope it helps you!

    sorry if it's not that long!


    see you in my next episodes! thans for reading, byyyye x.

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