• hi ladies and gentlemannnn,


    let's give you some updates. so i did not post already this week but i prepare some articles. i can't say i'm too busy because i don't work at all ; i hang out with my friends the most of time, so i'm not really on my computer. (i'm not a fckin example of student in uni btw, don't follow me. at all.)


    so guys i'm improvising this article right now. this is my kinda life update, not really updates.


    i also plan to give you more advices on daily basic life, some tips on the next episodes.


    also i have to tell you what happened to me last time when; i was about to faint. i woke up a morning and i needed to go to the toilet. so i woke up a way too fast that, when i was walking in the corridor, i started seeing blur and few seconds later i absolutely became blind. and al hamdulillah guys, my friend found me and called the samu with another friend. i talked to the nurse and the doctor, then she said that i woke up too early, and then my brain was not oxygened, so i had too take my time before waking up from the bed. i'm really smart ingrid, but i could not guys i needed to poo LMAO!




    last tuesday i went on the cinema with my sister to go watch "It", the horror movie. tbt guys, i watch ghost emissions since i was little, so i am not that afraid anymore of watching horror movies, but it can depends. what fair me the most is horror movies about ghost (it's midnight right now..), rather than a clown horror movie. so i can't lie saying i was not afraid of "It", but at the end, i started to imagining myself into the film, so i kinda freaked out, but HELLO? i'm here and i enjoyed. also, my sister was really afraid looooooooool!

    guys let me now in the comments if you've seen this film.


    so i discovered lately that i love cooking. and also since i almost fainted. but the fact that i live on my own and prepare my own food, makes me enjoying creating more plates, enjoying cooking, just cooking makes me feel happy but also EATING hhh. i'm a big ass eater.


    (i've probably forgotten some episode but gonna tell you later!)


    so guys i hope you enjoyed this episode of my life update,

    i know you may can not forgive me for not taking care of this blog, because i'm a pretty lazy student hanging out the most of the time with friends.

    but you better stay tuned for the episodes that are about to appear next time,

    see you soon,

    bye, XXX

  • hellooooo!


    to-day i'm here to talk about like you've read in the title, how to check your bootie!! i'm pretty sure all of you have waited for it for sooo long, lol!


    no, seriously. i want to talk about how to get bigger booty! you all know, you're in a society where the ideal body is THE slim fit body, and perfect body. but what a shame guys!? don't you feel like shit next to these ads, showing pretty white girls in underwear? i'm not here to make you feel like shit, but just to remind how far the society of consumption is going, and how we can change that by simply being yourself. ok, right?


    so maybe some of you already exercise, go to the gym maybe, or simply doing nothing? doing nothing because what? you don't get enough motivation, you don't have much time, you don't want to move, you're too lazy to do anything else than sleeping and eating, ok right, don't worry cause i'm myself one of those. HEY

    but by reflecting about what your goal, your ambition, your becoming, yourself, your confidence is, you can overcome it. obviously you can't just stand up and move your body one day cause you feel so motivated, and the day after you're just a potatoe, that's so cute, but no. you may reflect, take a deep breathe, a long nap, and wake up, seeing yourself in 20years, and then choose how you want to see your life changing.


    how do you want to feel better and get more confidence?


    life is not changing, but you're changing your life, because you decide who you are, and who you want the other to see you as a woman self-confident, as a woman who knows who she is, as a woman of character, as a girl who has grown, as a woman who has changed her life, as a happy pretty woman. you can't just be a woman who live in a society, but just create your own society by being you.


    what's the point ingrid?


    hmm, if you may not getting what is the point, let me tell you that if you're reflecting about you, as a woman, who maybe wanted to get that supermodel body because that's the fking trend, i'm not telling you it's forbidden, but i'mma just simply telling you : it's your choice. but what i want to say is that you can change your mentality for a better you, for a you who wants to make your body as perfect as YOU want.

    you can have that "flashin your head, waking you up, and suddenly definitely make you want to change your life, your booty, your body, your beauty, your proper feeling, your society.


    i want to check my booty properly ...


    so here we come. as a woman, i don't say i questionned myself about all i've said before, i may have missed some questions, or i may forgot to mention some points, but i kinda changed in the way that i want my body to feel like for myself. but i personnally started wanting to get bigger booty tbh.


    what exercises ingrid??? did it work???


    guys, i started doing squats and some exercises like that.

    first, i've downloaded an app which is called "butt trainer fessier", and this app propose a large kind of exercises, for a certain length. it's a french app. like i choose a series of exercises, during 2mins, then i do the series 2more time, so it last in total 6minutes. those exercises also depend on what type of difficulty you want. and let me tell you that i started doing it like the following 2/3days, and i got some aches, that i couldn't go on toilet properly LOL.


    so then obviously if you want to do it, these exercices will not come properly maybe (it can depends of the build body), and i'm not here to be the police, but drinking is essential for everyday, and also food, by regulating what you eat. i did not say you have to diet, that's your choice maybe, but you know what i'mma saying guys.


    so, that's it! i hope you enjoyed this article as much as i did,

    so see you in the next episode,

    bye and thanks you for your support, xxx

  • helloooooo!


    hi everyone! today let me talk about nails!


    to introduce things properly, let me tell you a story about nails.

    so i remember how before i used to eat my nails whenever i was hungry loooool. don't laugh please, it's a fckin true story. alright. so i used to eat them when i was young, and my mum was always yelling at me 'bout that. so one day, a friend was telling me that she knew someone in her family who was operated, because the stomach did not support that this person in question, ate too much nails // I ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW IF IT'S TRUE LOL BUT YEA MY FRIEND I CAN TELL YOU IT WORKED THANKS // so this person apparently had big trouble, and was operated. that started to freak me the fck out guys! i was starting to reflect about that + hearing my mom : 'don't put your hands in your mouth because your hands are dirty', i'm pretty sure you all have heard those words, lol. then i started to avoid eat'em and was really forcing me.

    then happened another episode in my life where : i started wearing braces, which completely made me stop! like i tried again eating my nails and because of my braces, it was hurting me, and it became hard to crunch them. so during my braces experience, i started not thinking about eating my nails, then i completely stopped. THE END


    so for now, i've grown and it's better! so obviously, i started decorate my nails and all that stuff. i really liked to put nail polish, but idk why, but my nails started to separate, like you know when you pull off the nail polish, so my nails was kinda splitting and damaging ... but idk if it's because of the agressive solvent, maybe


    and then, just to say, today, i don't want to put anything on my nails at all. it's a choice that i made a not so long time ago, because i want to keep my nails natural. so today, i come to you, to talk about the nail buffer!


    yay, i'm so excited to talk about this because i really love to polish my nails now : it's so natural, and shiny, and it last better than a transparent nail polish! guys, i started polishing my nails since 2weeks now i guess, and i absolutely don't regret this decision, now there's this pretty natural glow on my nails, and all the area is soft af. GUYS


    i think, doing it really don't agress my nails at all, instead of using a nail polish + removing it

    so why not try guys? so the glow of your nail will last like maybe 1week, and when the glow starts to fade, you just have to take your buffer and polish it! it's super natural and very useful!

    but let me tell you that doing it for the first time may take maybe 10 to 15minutes maybe, but once it's done, IT'S DONE and one week after, you just have to polish for like 2minutes no more


    as you can see on the picture, my buffer is damaged lol, but i got it like 3years ago i think, and it's like today in 2017, that i seriously started using it, LOL (what's wrong with me??).


    so yea, i hope you enjoyed this article, i hope it helped you, if you are into nails!


    so have a good day,

    see you on the pretty next episode, xx

  • hi guys/girls !


    guess who tried a true mask for the first time ???? ingrid.


    i've bougt it yesterday, and i thougt 'why not try this mask to clear my skin?', because believe me, i don't like my skin yet, i don't have a lot of breakouts but i feel like my skin is kinda dry/but oily/and also ugly ...


    so here is a Ysiance french mask i guess, it's a moisturizing one, to nourrish skin.


    my first impression, hm let's be honest, when i bought it, it was writting 'pill off mask' i was like woaw let's really try it, it's not that expansive guys. so i bought it because it was a TRUE mask and finally it was not a pill off mask, lol. well, my really first impression about the packaging, i felt like it was really small but i thougt really ideal to manage on the face on a sunday. inside, it's a creamy texture really creamy, it's because it hydrates your face of course not ingrid.


    then to remove it, it says remove it with a cotton pad, so i did it, but i could not let my face creamy, so i washed it after it .. idk if i was supposed to, but it was better.


    now my skin feels smooth, soft, and i don't want to touch it anymore lol. like really. i don't want to put anything else on my skin. so i like the result, it's really a moisturizing mask, not that special mask i think.


    that's it guys, that's the end,

    i hope you enjoyed reading it! see you on the next episode! stay tuned!

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  • hyyyyye people!


    guess who actually almost spent all her money on shopping??

    yes, lol that's ingrid!


    tbt it was the first time i've spending too much money like that .. i've spent it all this weeknd because here (where I live) in Reunion Island, begin the sales period! but when i talked about spending too much money ; it was my money that i got from my parents to live, because yes i'm in uni and i'm living on my own for 2weeks now!


    so i bought a kaki hoodie from Undiz, a black wallet from Baya and pinki gold sandales i bougt in a little store!


    i don't regret at all, lol but my eyes cracked a little bit too much, and i could not resist! now i'm in peace lol! it's been ages that i did not buy something and i really needed some cool stuff because my dressing was feelin boring..


    so yay, see you in my next fashion post guys!


    (edit 07/09/2017: i've posted on instagram in details! go check it out!)