• summer is here, my clothes too, episode #21



    what's up guys?

    omg, can i tell it's so hot where i live, please? the heat, omg omg, ideal to go to the beach honestly..


    but at the moment, there's a cyclone approaching coasts of the island, so the weather is not that good. grey sky, big clouds, rain, and wind, and we're ready to go to sleep listening to the drops.


    so the outfit you see at the top is my outfit i bought in december.


    - the dress is a simple black dress, it's close to the body, and very tight. i bought it at Jennyfer. i bought it for 15,99€ (Reunion Island)

    - then for the cardigan i wear, if i can call it like that, i would say it's an african printed cardigan. i don't have the name of the shop, but it's a little shop, i bought at 9€. (Mauritius)

    - and for the shoes, those are my babies, my converse ALL STARS, i got them for the enormous prrice of 80€. i researched it for so long, and i couldn't found them anywhere, every shops i entered didn't have them, and finally the first shop i found i bought them because i did not want to search anywhere else.. LOL i was that crazy, i completely ruined myself tbt.







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    Monday 18th June 2018 at 14:52


    j'adoree ton style et j'aime bien le fait que tu melanges quelques pieces ensemble pour donner quelques choses vraiment belles :)

    et oui t'as raison, i mean j'ai aucune idee ou tu vis mais ici au liban ca arrive jusqu'a 35°C et oui ca bruleee

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