• birthday make up, episode #22

    helloooo girls!


    yes i said girls because this episode is a special make up episode LOL.

    lol, i tested a new make up tutorial on my sister for her birthday, and i wanted to share with you guys what i did on her.

    ok, let's not talk to much :



    (1) i applied the first color wich is this kind of clear brown on all over the lid for the base.



    (2) then, i put this pale and beautiful orange on the crease to lighten up this part and to open the crease to another color for the next.



    (3) i apply right after this punk red more on the border of the crease to give this color effect of happiness, because yea when it's your birthday you just want to look superficial for your 24, LOL - my sister would have kill me for saying this shit lmao.



    (4) next i use this brilliant dark brown to make her look a little bit intense because when you turn older you don't have to miss with the younger.



    (5) then you want to give this 3D effect on the center of your lid because it's your party, and just yourself, you're the center of the world at this moment - for 2-3 mins.



    (6) then just at the top of the center of your lid, above the last color you applied on the center of your lid, you want to apply this other bright champaign shade to light up a bit better and make your eyes pop pop pop pop pop!

    See you soon, byeeeeeee ! xoxoxo



    let me know if you tried this make up look on the comments !


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