• uni+living on my own, episode #2

    what's up guys!


    i hope you're having a beautiful day or whatever the hell is goin throug your life, i hope we can reunite here to talk around a coffee. (i don't have a coffee at this time, lmao)


    so guess who's starting uni now! that's ingrid! guys! at first, i've never been that happy to be in uni, but can i regret please?

    professors are going a bit fast since they got confidence, even if i don't even have class all week at the moment but, ya. ow' am i going to get my exam if i start writting the less that i can understand, please pleaaaaaase


    so .. what i like is i don't have class wednesday and my weekend starts on thursday at 12pm, holy crap! so i better come back in my family's home for now, because i don't feel good enough at home in my university's room, idk if you get me but ya (i'm kinda a baby lol). so i'm actually studying sciences of society, which will lean me to infocom directly, so i can work in communication i hope! like i've always loved fashion stuff, and make up brands and all, SO THAT MY FRIEND ; if i could relate communication with fashion industry or makeup brand that will be a dream, OMG


    "but btw, dream never happen if we don't believe and don't make it easy for ourselves to try." -ya ingrid, you're smart.


    so yeah, i'm excited thinking of my future at the moment, even if my present is blured


    i hope, you enjoyed this little part of me guys!

    have a beautiful day, xx

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