• diy mask for shitty breakouts, episode #1



    today let's not talk like a beauty guru youtuber. i hope you're well btw.


    so i'm here to talk about the diy mask i've created. this mask is 100% natural, and i've created it of course because i simply don't want to buy this shit we see everywhere that i'm sure you've probably heard about: THE pill of mask.


    so, i'm not gonna talk anymore, let me explain what this mask is made for: i've searched not so long ago, how to avoid cakey face, breakouts, blackheads, .. and believe me under my make-up this shit is so beautiful, omg i'm crying .. so for now, thanks to my temporarly imagination, i've created a mask which nourrish your skin and let your skin totally hydrated, it also prevent from blackhead and all those shitty stuff (wich smile when you look at them coming from so far).


    (omg, so sorry to talk that much) ingredients:

    - you need in a bowl 4 tablespoon of chocolate powder ;

    - 2 tablespoon of honey ;

    - 1,5 little spoon of sugar ;

    - then go in your garden and take some aloe vera, then extract it (not too many, but not a little bit of this) and put it in the bowl

    - some argan oil + coconut oil (you can put more, or less ps: but i've heard green tea oil is such a good oil.)



    then you're done! once you've mixed all of these, the result must be like a chocolate yogurt maybe, idk, tbt i just put any quantities in hazard, lol. idk what your result will be. then when it's homogeneous, take a gentle makeup brush or whatever (your fingers must be great to massage yourself), and apply it on every area, except the under eyes, and inside your nose obviously. then wait for 30 minutes maybe, when you think it's time tbh, and go wash your face. then hydrate your face. this my friend IS A MUST DO after this lovely and tasty mask. your face will feel so soft, and hydrated, and cute, BUT before going out and exhibited your pretty face without any make up on, make sure to hydrate it please!


    ps: you can do it twice a week!




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