• i'm broke, episode #3

    hyyyyye people!


    guess who actually almost spent all her money on shopping??

    yes, lol that's ingrid!


    tbt it was the first time i've spending too much money like that .. i've spent it all this weeknd because here (where I live) in Reunion Island, begin the sales period! but when i talked about spending too much money ; it was my money that i got from my parents to live, because yes i'm in uni and i'm living on my own for 2weeks now!


    so i bought a kaki hoodie from Undiz, a black wallet from Baya and pinki gold sandales i bougt in a little store!


    i don't regret at all, lol but my eyes cracked a little bit too much, and i could not resist! now i'm in peace lol! it's been ages that i did not buy something and i really needed some cool stuff because my dressing was feelin boring..


    so yay, see you in my next fashion post guys!


    (edit 07/09/2017: i've posted on instagram in details! go check it out!)

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    Tuesday 13rd February 2018 at 20:41

    Yass, love the things you have bought :) And I love the sales period too (sorry if my english is bad, I'm not too good in this language but I try to speak and write better).

    Monday 15th January 2018 at 11:51


    génial ton blog!

    love how u share everything! 

    i wish i could be like u nd share my thoughts and my activities but lol i just dont have much to share about 

    Anyways LOVE  ur bloggg <3

    oh nd btw tnx for the recent visitt i really apreciate it kiss

    great job girl keep it comingg


      • Monday 15th January 2018 at 20:07
        hey beautiful lady, i really appreciate your comment, and i'm really glad you appreciated my articles! thanks a lot ilyyy my gurl, and you're welcome! xx
    Wednesday 13rd September 2017 at 17:13

    Hel-loooooo Ingrid !


    Sorry but I'm too lazy to writte my comment in English <3  ! And I'm pretty sure it gonna be full of mistakes,  you know what I mean :') so I prefer just writte in our beautiful French :') ! (oh and my english isn't as well as yours btw)

    Très de plaisanteries, commençons.

    Je viens de découvrir ton blog et je le trouve just waw ! Je n'ai pas eu la foie (et le temps surtout) de commenter tout ce que je viens de lire mais je trouverai un moment dans la semaine, j'te le promets parce que ces FUCKING SUPER articles méritent des fucking commentaires ! <3333 

    Ils sont intéressants, plein d'humour, dynamique et omg en anglais !!! Quoi de mieux ? Moi je suis conquise <3

    Je ne suis pas très active sur Ekla mais je compte bien l'être pour lire tes articles :) ! 

    Je vais même essayer de poster quelque chose sur mon blog pour en faire la pub parce qu'il est tout ressent il me semble, non ? Quoi qu'il en soit il faut faire une pub pou ce blog qu'il soit vieux de 5 ans ou d'un mois mdr!

    En tout cas ne change pas, continue comme ça ! <3

    Bon couraaaage :)



    - Une (nouvelle) fidèle lectrice 

      • Wednesday 13rd September 2017 at 20:36

        oooooh omg sweety!


        tu es toute gentille, et ça me fait plaisir que tu aimes mon blog ma belle! vraiment! j'espère que tu vas prendre autant de plaisir que moi lors des prochains articles!


        thank u for your GREAT support, xx

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