• my cocooning sunday, episode #4

    hi guys/girls !


    guess who tried a true mask for the first time ???? ingrid.


    i've bougt it yesterday, and i thougt 'why not try this mask to clear my skin?', because believe me, i don't like my skin yet, i don't have a lot of breakouts but i feel like my skin is kinda dry/but oily/and also ugly ...


    so here is a Ysiance french mask i guess, it's a moisturizing one, to nourrish skin.


    my first impression, hm let's be honest, when i bought it, it was writting 'pill off mask' i was like woaw let's really try it, it's not that expansive guys. so i bought it because it was a TRUE mask and finally it was not a pill off mask, lol. well, my really first impression about the packaging, i felt like it was really small but i thougt really ideal to manage on the face on a sunday. inside, it's a creamy texture really creamy, it's because it hydrates your face of course not ingrid.


    then to remove it, it says remove it with a cotton pad, so i did it, but i could not let my face creamy, so i washed it after it .. idk if i was supposed to, but it was better.


    now my skin feels smooth, soft, and i don't want to touch it anymore lol. like really. i don't want to put anything else on my skin. so i like the result, it's really a moisturizing mask, not that special mask i think.


    that's it guys, that's the end,

    i hope you enjoyed reading it! see you on the next episode! stay tuned!

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