• life updates, episode #9

    hi prettiesssssssssssssss,


    i hope you're all well! i'm sorry to not be present at the moment.. tbt i'm experiencing such new things with life, love, studies, health, mental, family, religion, ...


    how good is it to be a student.. lately i wanted to explain you the importance of drinking water for such reasons.


    i'm going to write an article about sport and water later i think.

    water is such important guys.. i need to be healthy. actually i had some health troubles, wich i'm resolving myself, insh'Allah.


    plus i'm very happy to have such connections with people here in uni.


    hm.. btw idk what to say LOL!


    i have an exam tomorrow, please pray for me! i hope all of you who are reading this article you do good at school, social experiment, you're healthy, ...


    soooo yea, i'm learning for my exam tomorrow and idk if it will lean me somewhere LOL.. ok i don't want to revise, NO ENVY.


    so yea i gotta go girls, stay safe, be kind, lol i'm person. (of course really not, ingrid.)


    much love, xx

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