• i'm busy, episode #7

    hi ladies and gentlemannnn,


    let's give you some updates. so i did not post already this week but i prepare some articles. i can't say i'm too busy because i don't work at all ; i hang out with my friends the most of time, so i'm not really on my computer. (i'm not a fckin example of student in uni btw, don't follow me. at all.)


    so guys i'm improvising this article right now. this is my kinda life update, not really updates.


    i also plan to give you more advices on daily basic life, some tips on the next episodes.


    also i have to tell you what happened to me last time when; i was about to faint. i woke up a morning and i needed to go to the toilet. so i woke up a way too fast that, when i was walking in the corridor, i started seeing blur and few seconds later i absolutely became blind. and al hamdulillah guys, my friend found me and called the samu with another friend. i talked to the nurse and the doctor, then she said that i woke up too early, and then my brain was not oxygened, so i had too take my time before waking up from the bed. i'm really smart ingrid, but i could not guys i needed to poo LMAO!




    last tuesday i went on the cinema with my sister to go watch "It", the horror movie. tbt guys, i watch ghost emissions since i was little, so i am not that afraid anymore of watching horror movies, but it can depends. what fair me the most is horror movies about ghost (it's midnight right now..), rather than a clown horror movie. so i can't lie saying i was not afraid of "It", but at the end, i started to imagining myself into the film, so i kinda freaked out, but HELLO? i'm here and i enjoyed. also, my sister was really afraid looooooooool!

    guys let me now in the comments if you've seen this film.


    so i discovered lately that i love cooking. and also since i almost fainted. but the fact that i live on my own and prepare my own food, makes me enjoying creating more plates, enjoying cooking, just cooking makes me feel happy but also EATING hhh. i'm a big ass eater.


    (i've probably forgotten some episode but gonna tell you later!)


    so guys i hope you enjoyed this episode of my life update,

    i know you may can not forgive me for not taking care of this blog, because i'm a pretty lazy student hanging out the most of the time with friends.

    but you better stay tuned for the episodes that are about to appear next time,

    see you soon,

    bye, XXX

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