• how to be alone on valentine's day, episode #18



    ingrid is heeeeere! i hope you had a good week, especially a special Valentine's Day!


    can i say i spent the best valentine's day of my life?? lol, because yes, i was in a good company..


    what i did was going at supermarket and doing some shopping, i bought 3outfits and 2pair of shoes. but i drained my blue card to be honest, LOL

    i really went crazy on this day because i needed something. i did not want to feel really lonely/on myself alone.


    it was very cool, i also ate pancake, this day.. omg thinking of it make me hungry!! like right now..


    so yea, i want to do a haul of what i bought, but i need to do a first haul since december LOL excuse myself.. i think i need more fashion content on my blog honestly. and i don't always have inspiration tbt..


         // then i watched a film with my darling lol, it was a romantic film. we also were eating gross foods, lol, like chips, chocolates, drinking (teaS lol, not alcohol), and other bad stuff.. - really good when you plan to start sport again the next thursday LOL this is literally me.


    - also, my valentine is my girl, my friend, lol BYE.


    sorry again, idk how many times i'm going to excuse myself yea, but i really want you to enjoy my blog as much as i do, even if i don't always post as much as you guys would like to, but i know. i know. i need more inspiration. if you have any suggestions of content, you can send me messages, you are welcome.


    so i created content lately. i promise to post it. goin' to take some pictures, and new stuff that you're going to see on my blog soon.

    stay tuned for the news! see you later my ladies!


    byyye xx - ingrid is sending you a big HUG




    and you? how was your valentine's day? comment down below

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