• haul + i drained my wallet.. guess why, episode #19

    my outfit

    hi girls,


    guess who completely broke herself? it's ingridddddd..

    wednesday, i went shopping and bought 3outfits, i assume i am crazy af.


    but i really needed a changement. i need something new in my life. changing myself in a way that i can't really explain. because lately i've not been feeling myself. maybe you remember me talking about some experiences. that's my way, my manner of growing, of walking on, in life.


    so i bought this type of slight shirt with this long black and white printed pants. this type of printed one, was the type of pants i saw everywhere and i really found it so stylish for a simple and classic outfit to go to work, uni, shopping... 

    here is this kind of my pants:



    for the shirt, it's a really slight black one, with long flaring sleevesat the top. it's black matte:


    i got this pants for 15€ and the top for 9€ at Miss City, in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). i guess it's a local shop here if i'm not wrong.

    the shoes i got are from Yas Magasin, i got them for 15€. i really love them. these are another type of shoes, there are plums on them, it's classic but kind of chic, i think it's worth the price. i think this outfit i wear is really worth the price honestly, because i bought other outfits for more expansive prices..


    so i hope you liked this first haul, see you on the next haul, byyyyye xxxx


    what's the last thing(s) you bought?

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