• feeling bad, episode #10

    hi pretty women,


    how many time haven't been here?

    sorry for not being here for so long. i don't come to you like that but actually i feel like i really need to talk. i'm feeling happy but in an other way stressed.

    i promise i did not forget what i promised you about the other articles i wanted to make for you guys.


    [so here a little message to show you how i feel at the moment (even if the majority of you is not going to understand how i feel).]


    i hope you're going to have a happy month of december, you're all going well, your family as well.


    i don't regret to have this blog in any any way, i will come as often as i can, but honestly i have something in me ...


    so i stay healthy girls, and don't forget to be yourself and be confident and tolerant with yourself. i'll see you an other day, bye xOxO

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