• antisocial person, episode #8

    hi ladiesssss,


    what did i tell you? i was gonna come back with more subjects!

    first let's talk about being social? i hope you're weeeell btw.



    so as you know guys, i'm living on my own since i started uni (HOW MANY TIME AM I GOING TO REPEAT THIS SHT) lol, and i became a social person.

    so yea, meeting new people, in an another environment, in a new city, begining a new "life", made me realise how being sociale is important.


    let's introduce a new story.


    before starting uni, i was a shy person, i wasn't self confident about myself either, and people around me tbt and not for judging ; were very the kind of person who have all that they want and are pretty, and they live on a network cloud, omg i'm not gonna talk anymore. so yea, idk if you can relate all the things i've listed here, but this is how i survived from primary school to uni now.


    first, let me talk 'bout me. i was a shy person, growing up (of course, as everyone do ingrid.), surrounded by loving persons, being educated, but not pretty, i didn't have what i asked, and i wasn't that smart.

    so yea, my entire childhood was rocked by love and protection and education (but you said that ingrid, dumbich!!). growing up, i've had friends, and looking at my past showed me i had good friends, until the end of my 2 years of college (=french term i guess). i started living with gossiping friends, jealousy, fake people, miserable love, if i could sum up like that. in high school, i also lived a bad episode too, i met some bad people.

    and going to the same school made me realise how people could be dumb just by having money. i don't want to really generalise and be ruuuude (you're rude ingrid.), but the few people i've met were the type of person according such importance to money, if you had money, you had friends, fame, boyfriend, dressed like a model, be the kind of person everyone envy, and also have what you asked for CHRISTMAS. and how far it was going? how far? theses things were getting me sick, as much as the time pass.

    then i realise, that these people made me loose the less of confidence i had. so now, i'm in uni, all these things are gone, and this made me grown, and it also made me working on myself, on how, by my values, how to be myself and never loose control of myself.


    this, we, are the next generation in the society, and we are growing and making the world. a generation that grows more on social network than in real life. and social networks can make people feel more insecure irl than behind their phones, can keep true words out of their mouth irl than in their fingers on their phone, so ..

    i think we kinda go through this kind of thing of being self confident behind our phone.

    but to me, i passed this things up and i literally met new person irl, in uni. i've never felt so happy to meet new friends irl, talking naturally, being confident myself, and joking, and playing w them.

    so this my friend, was my way from my non confident person to my self confidence feeling. and this long experience has leed me to always work on myself.


    this was my story friends!

    i hope this can help you, idk if i was informative, 

    i hope you enjoyed my little storytime,


    see you in the next episode byyyyyyyye! X

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